Louis provides a large number of services that include writing for large, solo and chamber ensembles, film and theatre composition and arranging/orchestrating. To contact Louis please use the contact tab or click here.  


Composition for screen and theatre

When used effectively, music for film tv or theatre can heighten a performance, consolidate a vision or change the tone of particular scene. Louis' passion for film and theatre music has lead him to work on many award winning plays and short films. To listen to some of Louis' composition for theatre please visit the music page. If you would like to make contact with Louis please visit the contact page here.    


Louis has written extensively for chamber ensembles and continues to explore tone colour and texture in new and innovative ways. Louis always appreciates being asked to write and collaborate with groups who are passionate about new music and innovative compositional ideas. If you would like to make contact with Louis please visit the contact page here.  



Arranging and orchestration

Louis has arranged and orchestrated for many different ensembles in a variety of genres including opera, musical theatre, concert band repertoire, educational music and standard classical repertoire. Louis' engraving and orchestration skills and knowledge always leads to professional looking parts and scores. To see examples of Louis' arrangements and orchestrations or to receive quotes for arrangements please contact Louis here.